All About Asteria Moon

Hello, my name is Asteria Moon as of six years ago today. I’m finally writing my about my page to give viewers an understanding of the individual behind these many pages of text.

Over 10 years ago I lost the first person I ever loved. He took his own life after we spent three beautiful years loving one another. They say young love is dumb love and maybe they were right because this event is the event that also destroyed me.

I ended up attracting them all. All the scummy people addicted to drugs. This is how I became an addict. I also became this because I thought … “if I just do enough drugs, I’ll forget who he ever was”… and I was halfway right. To this day I cannot recall many times I spent with the boy I thought I loved. The boy whom I was so desperate to reach out to I turned to a ouija board. This is the night I discovered energy. Like the energy shifting right now as I recall this night. You get this feeling that makes your blood run cold and the world stops turning while you’re sitting in that moment realizing there is another side to this reality we live in. I seen flashes of memories that weren’t mine. I felt this intense sense of just … fuck I dont know. Inner peace? Death? Either way it was serenity and I wanted more. So I became this seeker of knowledge and my life became contrasted with colors of grey, silver and hues of color. Not everything is black and white. They are shades of the rainbow and sit on a scale of grey.

….Question… Everything… You know what you know yet you know absolutely nothing….

I will break things down until they are broken. I am the psychoanalyst of the year most likely. I like the idea of the hermetic order and their principles. These principles are those that I live by now daily. Why? Because of that night with the damn planchette and ouija board. Spirit board more like it. That thing was a gateway, threshold, a door…. Into the unseen and the hidden. This is when I first learned my first word in the world of magick… “Occult”, for the hidden mysteries of life that we aren’t meant to know or understand. Yet we still have this unwavering faith in them. Like I was so serious. I NEED TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING ON A SOUL LEVEL. Otherwise, usually, I have no idea of the concept and it’s foreign to me. So. This my dear reader is how I became a practitioner of magick and the occult arts.


How do I dabble in something that I will never fully understand and unlock all the secrets too? Why, is a better question. This life. The life I now love. It gave me something I had always dreamed of… seen others have so easily and hold on too.

…F A I T H…

Is the answer. If you ask me, faith is always the answer. It is the very fabric that allows us to weave a life we love. We place our mistrust into something bigger and most beyond our own selves and we let go of the anxiety and worry that we cling to for fear of uncertainty.

…E M B R A C E & S U R R E N D E R…

You must fall into the hands of your chosen god/faith/reality/universe/etc. whatever name you have chosen. Whatever path or tradition it is that brings you most comfort. That’s okay if it differs from mine. Or the rest of the world for that matter. I have felt so fucking alone you guys. Until I met the goddess herself. Keeper of the keys. I mean what fucking irony that HEKATE is the one to be for me. Because remember. I’m a psychoanalyst at my very core yet. She told me. Follow me.. I found this in the newest book release by Cydni Brannen. My all time favorite author. It’s a quote. May it bring you chills and thrills about your future. Thanks so much for reading this my story. I’ve really enjoyed writing it. It reminded me of the magick I’ve been missing for so long yet it’s ALWAYS … been there. Just waiting for me to reawaken and realize it over and over again. Because this is life and sometimes. We forget.

Yours truly and eternally

~Asteria Moon

In complete darkness, I tumbled down, down, down. Until I landed at the bottom. Broken open, Out poured my soul, Which formed into a key, Held by a mysterious woman, Who held her lantern high, Whispering, “Follow me.”